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Andrew Alston alston.networks at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 11:31:29 SAST 2012

Hi All,


Recently it came to our attention that Yahoo had some rather severely broken
IPv6 on the servers that .za was diverting to.  NOTE: I do not know if this
situation applies outside of South Africa since I'm not sure which servers
Yahoo is redirecting other African users to.


Basically though, they added quad-a DNS records to all of their servers.
They then added the v6 addresses to their servers.  Only. they didn't
configure their webservers to actually display the pages via IPv6.  So, if
you browsed via IPv6 their webservers came back with a nice "This page can't
be located" message.  Because the IPv6 connectivity itself worked, there was
also no fallback to v4.


So, we queried Yahoo via their standard support channels. and received the
most bizarre response I have ever seen, that summarized said "We don't
support v6 on the frontend pages yet, we aren't going to remove the
quad-a's, please tell your users to use ipv4.yahoo.com" 


Now, that's nothing short of insanity, especially when in our case, you're
talking about telling 40 thousand+ students to use some other address to
access Yahoo. 


At this point I escalated the issue to other people in Yahoo who seemed to
have a fair bit more clue, and I've been informed that the issue should be
resolved by sometime on Monday.  But this is a note to anyone using native
v6 and getting strange errors back from Yahoo, things are currently broken,
and will only be fixed around Monday timeframe.


I have to say, kinda disappointed to see this from a company as large as
Yahoo who did such a good job in the world v6 day in promoting v6, because
this kinda thing really hurts the deployment of IPv6, it makes people scared
to move ahead and it's not what we need.  At the same time, to the guys I
eventually ended up being able to escalate to and who were helpful and
attempted to assist me immediately, my sincere thanks.


Andrew Alston

Alston Networks - Owner 


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