[afripv6-discuss] What are the benefits of IPv6 over IPv4

maina.noah at ipv6.or.tz maina.noah at ipv6.or.tz
Sat Jun 2 18:05:32 SAST 2012

> If LIR incur costs to get allocated resources by RIR, why cant they
> somehow try to recover their expenses by selling the resources?

The cost is for membership which of course translates into resource
allocation but its not a justification for selling this resources after
all LIR's require them so as to enable the business processes.

Just selling IP addresses alone does not make sense at all, after all the
ip addresses are allocated to down-stream customers so ISP's can deliver
their services and its those services that should be charged not the IP
number resources that enable the delivery of the services.

I hope that makes sense.
> Mwendwa Kivuva


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