[afripv6-discuss] What are the benefits of IPv6 over IPv4

maina.noah at ipv6.or.tz maina.noah at ipv6.or.tz
Fri Jun 1 22:31:11 SAST 2012

> At 10:55 01-06-2012, maina.noah at ipv6.or.tz wrote:
>>In respect of IPv6 adoption and business continuity, i think paying 10%
>>would be justifiable for any serious organization much aware of the
>>dynamics in technology.
> As you are on board, may I suggest the following:
>   - Make the authoritative DNS server accessible over IPv6
>   - Make the mail server accessible over IPv6
> The benefit is that you gain IPv6 experience.  Such a change won't
> break stuff and should not be an additional cost.


That is why we are saying, lets practice what we preach...Right??  Mark
Tinka earlier indicated that most ISP's will announc their v6 to their
upstream but nothing much will happen at the core/service and we are
saying we should do just more than announcing the /48 and /32.

> IPv6 adoption in Tanzania is 0.02%.  That's much better than Egypt.

Well we are pushing more for its adoption from the grass-roots...first we
are also encouraging all down-stream customers with /48 allocation to
announce them and we want to see more dns and email and even websites
running v6.

> Regards,
> -sm


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