[afripv6-discuss] What are the benefits of IPv6 over IPv4

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Fri Jun 1 16:28:50 SAST 2012

SM, your posts below confuse me entirely - can't quite make 
out whether you're for or against early IPv6 deployment.

That said...

On Friday, June 01, 2012 01:45:55 PM SM wrote:

> Users generally want to access some web sites.  As these
> web sites are accessible over IPv4, they don't have any
> problem.  There is an insignificant minority who may
> require Ipv6 but they may not be willing to pay the
> premium price for that.

What do you mean by "premium"? I refuse to deal with an ISP 
who charges extra for IPv6.

I refuse to deal with an ISP who won't provide IPv6.

If I do have the option, I vote with my feet and wallet.

ISP's that charge extra for IPv6 will not survive. Even theh 
vendors, that used to charge extra for IPv6 licenses and 
features, don't anymore.

IP(v4 or v6) isn't the service. The service that runs on top 
of IP(v4 or v6) is the service.

> The question is whether we should base our procurement
> requirements today on IPv4 only or pay that 10%
> difference, for example, for IPv6 support.

What 10% difference?

Equipment vendors aren't charging extra for IPv6 anymore.

Now, if your software vendors needs to add IPv6 support and 
they want you to pay for that, that's another issue, 
especially felt in the enterprise space.

> The IPv4
> address pool will be depleted in a few years or more. 
> Africa can wait for that to happen and reap the
> short-term benefit of hardware dumping.  By doing so, it
> foregoes any hope of catching up with the rest of the
> world in terms of having an attractive market.  That
> won't convince the people who will be paying the extra
> EUR 10,000.

That extra EUR10,000 sounds like a single customer's 
subscription. Is it worth it losing more than that?

However, in some strange way, I think we're in violent 
agreement on that point :-).

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