[afripv6-discuss] 6 Steps for Jump-Starting IPv6 Adoption in Government

SM sm at resistor.net
Thu May 24 00:58:55 SAST 2012

Hi Victor,
At 13:00 23-05-2012, Victor Ndonnang wrote:
>You right, our Web site is not accessible over Ipv6; It is hosted outside
>Africa. And so what? Is that a reason to prevent us from talking about IPv6?

I don't have any opinion about whether a web site must be accessible 
over IPv6 or not.

For the Africa part, see 

>I'm an Internet User and not an ISP or DNS provider. My contribution is to
>raise awareness and urge those who are suppose to enable IPv6 connectivity
>in my country to act. If there is no an ISP in my country providing IPv6
>connectivity to end users, I have to stop talking about IPv6?

I didn't suggest not talking about IPv6 or anything else.

>IPv6 adoption is not only about people been able to use IPv6, IPv6 adoption
>is also about making people be aware of the fact that Internet is changing,

Yes and that is what I read from the web site.


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