[afripv6-discuss] 6 Steps for Jump-Starting IPv6 Adoption in Government

Victor Ndonnang ndonnang at isoc-cameroon.org
Wed May 23 22:00:55 SAST 2012

Hi SM,

You right, our Web site is not accessible over Ipv6; It is hosted outside
Africa. And so what? Is that a reason to prevent us from talking about IPv6?
I'm an Internet User and not an ISP or DNS provider. My contribution is to
raise awareness and urge those who are suppose to enable IPv6 connectivity
in my country to act. If there is no an ISP in my country providing IPv6
connectivity to end users, I have to stop talking about IPv6? 

IPv6 adoption is not only about people been able to use IPv6, IPv6 adoption
is also about making people be aware of the fact that Internet is changing,
we are running out of IPv4 addresses and something has to be done to prevent
a "new" digital divide. IPv6 adoption is about making people understand why
they have to adopt a new protocol when the old one is still there and

If where you live, It is easy access to Internet and to "IPv6 Internet", You
have to know that It is not the same case in Cameroon. If where you live It
is easy to have a domain name or a web hosting, you have to know It is not
the same case in Cameroon. Is it a crime to host a web site outside of
Africa? There is no an "Africa Internet", there is no an "American
Internet", there is no an "European Internet". There is one and global

So please think global when you writing in a global mailing list. Everyone
is not an IPv6 expert or network engineer in this list.

Best regards,

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Hi Victor,
At 03:47 23-05-2012, Victor Ndonnang wrote:
>So IPv6 adoption and deployment is more about planning than anything else?

I noticed the following when I look at the link:

  1. It is not accessible over IPv6.

  2. It is hosted outside Africa.

IPv6 adoption is about people being able to use IPv6.


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