[afripv6-discuss] 6 Steps for Jump-Starting IPv6 Adoption in Government

Victor Ndonnang ndonnang at isoc-cameroon.org
Thu May 24 08:51:41 SAST 2012

Hi SM,

Thanks for your reply. I'm aware of this study report of the Internet
Society about the impact of IXPs on the local development of the Internet. I
know how It is important to keep the local traffic effectively local. 
We are talking about this since but there is still no Internet Exchange
Point (IXP) in Cameroon and Internet users are still paying very high
Internet access cost. Our other hope is to see our ccTLD be good managed and
cheaper in term of having a local domain name.

While waiting to all those positive changes to happen, We have to work with
what is available and reachable to us.

Best regards,

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Hi Victor,
At 13:00 23-05-2012, Victor Ndonnang wrote:
>You right, our Web site is not accessible over Ipv6; It is hosted outside
>Africa. And so what? Is that a reason to prevent us from talking about

I don't have any opinion about whether a web site must be accessible 
over IPv6 or not.

For the Africa part, see 

>I'm an Internet User and not an ISP or DNS provider. My contribution is to
>raise awareness and urge those who are suppose to enable IPv6 connectivity
>in my country to act. If there is no an ISP in my country providing IPv6
>connectivity to end users, I have to stop talking about IPv6?

I didn't suggest not talking about IPv6 or anything else.

>IPv6 adoption is not only about people been able to use IPv6, IPv6 adoption
>is also about making people be aware of the fact that Internet is changing,

Yes and that is what I read from the web site.


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