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Mark Elkins mje at posix.co.za
Sun Jun 20 18:40:39 SAST 2010

On Sun, 2010-06-20 at 14:09 +0300, hisham ahmed. ibrahim wrote:
> Dear Paul,
> The idea of creating a task force is not meant to spread awareness and
> IPv6 academic know-how anymore, we are way past that phase now, and if
> that were the case I agree, it would be a bit overdue.
> As for the AFTFv6, it shall be established to assemble a group of
> African experts, all over Africa, that work mainly with Nations, LIRs
> and IXPs on fully supporting and implementing IPv6 capabilities and
> down streaming these capabilities to their consumers using African
> experiences and knowhow.

ie - I've just obtained a /48 for the Lusaka IXP. Once implemented -
this should help get the connected ISP's also to start running IPv6 and
to help persuade their up-streams to support native IPv6..

> For instance I have been working closely with a university here in
> Cairo that had the futuristic vision of starting from day one running
> entirely on IPv6 and though they bought all their products from
> well-known brand names that ensured IPv6 readiness when we tried to
> integrate these systems we found out that compatibility matrix of all
> the systems they bought looked like a big joke

Name and shame?
This is the sort of info that needs to be shared - the problems and
eventual solutions.

So far - I've had no problems - except in knowledge....

1 - how does one configure a dial-up Cisco (eg Cisco-5300) to deliver
IPv6 - along with IPv4 (I'm looking for config examples).
Of course Dial-up is nearly dead - but I'd still like to do this -
allocate a /48 to the device and give /56's to each dial-up - somehow
controlled from Freeradius.

2 - how does one on a Cisco do traffic shaping on IPv6 services - ie
ssh/telnet with a higher priority than other traffic.
> Regards
> Hisham

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