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Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Mon Jun 21 04:45:40 SAST 2010

On Monday 21 June 2010 12:40:39 am Mark Elkins wrote:

> 1 - how does one configure a dial-up Cisco (eg
>  Cisco-5300) to deliver IPv6 - along with IPv4 (I'm
>  looking for config examples). Of course Dial-up is
>  nearly dead - but I'd still like to do this - allocate a
>  /48 to the device and give /56's to each dial-up -
>  somehow controlled from Freeradius.

The most-talked-about way of doing this (which, I suppose, 
is mostly for broadband usage which isn't that different 
from how dial-up works, architecturally) is the use of 
DHCPv6-PD (prefix delegation).

This feature is supported on a variety of IOS-based systems, 
including the AS5350XM and AS5400XM, but not the AS5300.

RFC 3162 defines procedures for disseminating v6 information 
via RADIUS, and I believe there are implementations already 
in the wild.

As you say, dial-up is dying (dead in some parts), but the 
technology is relevant to ADSL and such use-cases. Check out 
the following:




We haven't tried any of this since our business is 
wholesale, but I believe as a home user, I'll be interested 
in this.

In the case of dial-up, smarts would need to be on the 
user's PC (unless they have a smart modem, i.e., a router or 
some such device) as modems are pretty dumb. ADSL is more 
different since those "broadband modems" are much smarter 
than their dial-up cousins.

> 2 - how does one on a Cisco do traffic shaping on IPv6
>  services - ie ssh/telnet with a higher priority than
>  other traffic.

QoS features in IOS for IPv6 are present. There are some 
very special features which currently have no parity, but 
for the most part, you can pull off the same tricks for v6 
as you do v4.

In terms of raw traffic policing (which, technically, is 
different from shaping), this tends to be protocol agnostic.

Consider the MQC infrastructure.


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