[afripv6-discuss] Where Are the Killer Applications for IPv6?

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Sat Jan 16 09:28:21 SAST 2010

On Saturday 16 January 2010 02:34:00 pm Graham Beneke wrote:

> I would argue that the 'killer application' for IPv6
>  is.... HTTP!

I'm always amazed by this question, because at the end of 
the day, customers don't care what you use to deliver their 
YouTube - it's not part of their needs.

So I find it quite surprising that v6 killer apps are being 
sought. The real killer app for v6 will be new users who are 
coming online when the RIR's run out of v4 allocations to 
hand out to their members, and when service providers run 
out of v4 addresses to assign to their customers. That's the 
v6 killer app. The difference will be who starts to learn v6 
now, and who waits to learn it then.

That said, in some circles, it makes sense to use v6 
addresses in so-called walled gardens, i.e., closed networks 
where media services such as VoIP, IPTv, VoD, gaming, 
e.t.c., are provided to customers. In such cases, issuing 
precious v4 addresses to STB's (set-top boxes) and VoIP 
equipment may make little sense (only from the point of view 
of their exhaustion) as those addresses will likely never be 
reachable from the anywhere outside the walled garden. 
Handing out v6 addresses instead is probably the better way 
to go.

I know of a couple of broadband and IPTv/VoIP/VoD/Gaming 
service providers doing this already. It makes sense. But 
again, the users don't care what you use to deliver 


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