[afripv6-discuss] Where Are the Killer Applications for IPv6?

Graham Beneke graham-ml at apolix.co.za
Sat Jan 16 08:34:00 SAST 2010

Borg Knight wrote:
> I think what is needed to really push v6 is a killer application (or
> applications) for v6 that few can resist. Some candidates I can think of
> are Windows Live Messenger and Microsoft Direct Access. The later a
> brilliant alternative to VPNs that relies on IPv6. Unfortunately, both
> are proprietary and only work on Windows ...Does anyone know of other
> potential killer apps for v6 out there? Too bad Google didn't make Wave
> v6 only ... that might have done the the trick.

If you want something that sees significant benefit by using it on IPv6
then you should look at the peer-to-peer protocols like BitTorrent.
Anything that has some kind of NAT traversal technology will work better
over IPv6.

However - unless you have native IPv6 you are not going to see a very
noticeable performance improvement. Most users only care about
performance. ;-)

I would argue that the 'killer application' for IPv6 is.... HTTP!

It just works - with very little hassle or effort. The vast majority of
my IPv6 traffic is HTTP. Dual-stack your website and you will see IPv6
traffic volumes increase and that will drive IPv6 adoption.

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