[afripv6-discuss] Where Are the Killer Applications for IPv6?

Borg Knight virtual.borg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 12:34:01 SAST 2010

    Seems all the screaming about IPv4 address exhaustion isn't making much
of a dent (not to mention those who even deny that such a problem exists).
For whatever reason, IPv4 (...and yes including success of such measures as
NAT and the use of RFC1918) addresses are deeply entrenched. I think what is
needed to really push v6 is a killer application (or applications) for v6
that few can resist. Some candidates I can think of are Windows Live
Messenger and Microsoft Direct Access. The later a brilliant alternative to
VPNs that relies on IPv6. Unfortunately, both are proprietary and only work
on Windows ...Does anyone know of other potential killer apps for v6 out
there? Too bad Google didn't make Wave v6 only ... that might have done the
the trick.

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