[afripv6-discuss] Some few Questions

Quincy Prakash quincy at translink.co.ug
Wed May 18 16:26:40 SAST 2005

Hello afrinic,

It is a good thing to have an ipv6 discussion list. ilike those who know 
more than me to explain to me the real and key advantages (apart from the 
number of avaailable addresses) that ipv6 has over ipv4.

also, it seems that ipv6 is not yet standardized, so, what if i invest in 
ipv6 and equipment now, tyhen some stndards change, and then that means 
new equipment?

who is in charge of announcing that ipv6 is now ready officially for use, 
without further changes that might cost isp too much money? are we 
seriously ready to use ipv6?

excuse this ignorance, but i would like to be informed!


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