[afripv6-discuss] Re: [afrinic-discuss] afrinic discouraging ipv6 ??

Mark Elkins mje at posix.co.za
Wed May 18 15:11:28 SAST 2005

>>I am looking at:
>>for who wants > /32 of IPv6, trhe fees are 18,000$ per year! Is
>>Afrinic discouraging the isps in africa to get less than /32? why?

>Just a to clarify, this fee is only for Native Pv6 LIR only.
>For LIR with already IPv4 allocation, Ipv6 allocation is
>free of charge.

I distinctly remember asking this question (how much does IPV6 address
space cost) in Maputo. The answer was something along the lines of
"Currently we have no fee structure for IPV6 address space - so
currently there is no cost - Yes - its free"

On that basis -I was going to apply for a couple of blocks, one for
Posix (my ISP) and one (much smaller block) for a customer with their
own ASN and /24.  Neither I nor the customer have any form of Timetable
for implementing IPV6 in any form whatsoever (that I am aware of - I'm
speaking under correction here), it seems that at sometime it makes
sense to get a block - especially if its not going to cost anything.

Posix has Address space and an ASN from before ARIN time.  The
customer as an ASN from before ARIN and a /24 from ARIN.  All these
resources now lie with AfriNIC.  I am now a "Member" of AfriNIC (Paid
my $100 :-).

Where do I and my (multihomed) customer stand?

Come people - what plans do ISP's have for implementing IPV6?
a) Available to customers (permanent lines and Dialup)?
b) Available for hosting solutions

Should there be any form of incentive for early African Deployment?
c) no payment ever / pay after five years ???

The Internet is a single network. Although at Maputo we were shown a
timetable of role-outs amongst the different regions (with AfriNIC
trailing last), if some very Pro IPV6 evangelist has a service only
accessible vi IPV6 (or maybe a service that IPv4 simply can not do?),
Africans will most lightly not have access.  

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