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Alan Levin alan at futureperfect.co.za
Fri Nov 17 07:39:21 UTC 2017

Hi Michele et al

On Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 7:58 PM, Michele Neylon - Blacknight <
michele at blacknight.com> wrote:

> Do you mean wholesale price or retail?

Unimportant question.. not all these domains have "wholesale" rates...
especially not for foreigners.  Shall we say that as an ISP/web
creator/domain reseller we look for the "cheapest" that we can find that
provide registration services only (i.e. we do wish to use our own name
servers, etc)

And either way it’s not just Africa
> The Latin American market is as bad if not worse, with many ccTLDs in the
> region looking for $50+ per year.

Yes, in this case I'm not trying to assist Latin Americans since I live in
Africa and I want to support my African colleagues...   I think that we've
all learned that it's not helpful to close domains or wrap them up in
bureaucracy and high annual costs...  I think by enabling people (globally)
to easily register new ones it's simply broad based economic and social
development opportunities that seem to be missed by these operators.

Also, if you look at the African ccTLDs there are still quite a few that
> don’t offer any level of automation or a proper registrar system so it’s
> hard to see how they’d scale.

Yes. There are many registry service providers that are helping or trying
to help African cctlds... even in Africa... this is no excuse for failure!

> But why do you want them to buy African domains? A domain by itself is of
> no value. If you are trying to encourage content then it’s a very different
> conversation

My clients provide service to African countries.  They travel there and
assist to build things, fix things, help people, doctors, engineers,
teachers, etc..

They think that buying their domain names is a way to show commitment to
them. Unfortunately I need to explain this is a false view.


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