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Thu Sep 1 06:52:48 UTC 2016

Hi Barrack,
At 22:44 31-08-2016, Barrack Otieno wrote:
>Noted with thanks, click on the hot link (in red) you will be able to
>download it. The ICANN Bylaws were recently reviewed in light of the

There are read links at the bottom of the window.  I don't see any 
link displayed in red about "The AfTLD Constitution".  I am attaching 
a screenshot as it may be easier for you to understand the problem.

>IANA transition, the revisions were aimed at empowering stakeholders.
>We might not be at the level of the ICANN Nomcom but we make
>deliberate efforts to ensure we are balanced as a regional body, i
>beleive this is the case in ICANN as well as AFRINIC. That said there
>are many dynamics at play that make it difficult to sustain regional
>balance. Most of this positions take into consideration the effort
>made by the applicants in contributing to the overall vision or
>mission of the organization, i think this needs to be highlighted
>since NOMCOMs are likely to give priority to applicants who are
>qualified and have invested in the process or organization over a
>period of time as opposed to those who are qualified but have little
>or no interest in the organization. One of my spiritual teachers used
>to tell me that involvement is key to your call and destiny, i think
>encouraging as many people to be involved as we have done in the
>recent past is key to resolving this challenge. We cannot legislate it
>or resolve it using bylaws.

Thanks for the above explanation.  I should have mentioned that the 
discussion about diversity caught my attention as I am on the IETF 
Diversity Design Team.  I agree with you about involvement.  It is 
easy to verify whether a person is interested by looking at the 
relevant mailing list archives.

The Afrinic Constitution does not contain the word "diversity".  It 
defines six sub-regions; there is a director representing each 
region.  I don't know whether AfricaCERT is one of the institutions 
Paulos was referring to.  According to its website, "AfricaCERT 
elected a new BOARD of Director" in 2015.  I unfortunately could not 
find any information about its constitution or the new board.

How can diversity be studied to determine whether there is a problem 
if there isn't any information available?

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