[AfrICANN-discuss] Statment of the joint meeting of African community

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+++1 Victor for this : 

"The RAA requirements document is a very US-centric document"

I would like to replace "US-Centric" by "Western-countries-Centric"

Pierre Lotis NANKEP 

Le Dimanche 28 septembre 2014 17h55, Victor Ndonnang <ndonnang at nvconsulting.biz> a écrit :

I don’t care if what I think matters or not…And Thankfully I’m free to say what I think!
It seems like you and many others have something to protect or to lose…but thankfully you cannot always ignore what others think. You can ignore it for sometimes but not for ever. 
Some years ago, many researchers said, Africans will not have money to buy cellphones or mobiles services…. no need to invest there…So your research is not going to be very helpful to make change happen.
The real and simply fact is:
The RAA requirements document is a very US-centric document and as the Internet is growing, changes are needed…Technical requirements should be the same for everyone because of the “stability, security and resiliency of the Internet” but economic, legal and insurance environments are not the same in every regions of the world. 
Like it or not the fact is there and change will happen one day, not very far from now. 
Best regards,
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Fortunately what you think doesn't matter. 
My research is not finished, however. And, hence, until I have the facts and figures I shall not say much about it.
ccTLDs are Registers not Registrars, and their lack of promotion of their ccTLD is the least contributory factor.

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On Sep 28, 2014, at 16:49, Victor Ndonnang <ndonnang at nvconsulting.biz> wrote:
I don’t think so… This is coming from those who want to keep the market for themselves and keep the reseller model because it is good for their business. 
>Let’s break the barriers and see what will happen…
>Some will say developing countries ccTLDs are not doing quite well…Yes, I agree; but the reason is simple, there are doing zero effort to promote their business. 
>Best regards,
>From:Dr Eberhard W Lisse [mailto:el at lisse.na] 
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>Subject: Re: [AfrICANN-discuss] Statment of the joint meeting of African community
>I think this is the point.
>The insurance is being claimed as Barrier to Entry to becoming accredited as Registrar.
>So far it looks as this is not the case.
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>On Sep 27, 2014, at 21:48, Olévié Kouami <olivierkouami at gmail.com> wrote:
>Hi Eberhard,
>>Please, paying for what and to whom ?
>>I want to understand what you mean.
>>Cheers !
>>2014-09-25 14:17 GMT+00:00 Dr Eberhard Lisse <el at lisse.na>:
>>>I am starting to do the research required before drafting a message.
>>>It would be really helpful to find out how much African applicants have
>>>been quoted and/or are paying.
>>>greetings, el
>>>on 2014-09-24, 22:49 Olévié Kouami said the following:
>>>> Hi !
>>>> I'm following up this debate which seem to me very interesting;
>>>> Please, let's move forward in acting.
>>>> Cheers !
>>>> -Olévié-
>>>> 2014-09-24 12:25 GMT+00:00 Dr Eberhard Lisse <el at lisse.na
>>>> <mailto:el at lisse.na>>:
>>>>     Way ahead of you, but not ready for public consumption, yet
>>>>     Never mind that Public Forum is verbal.
>>>>     el
>>>>     on 2014-09-24, 14:23 Victor Ndonnang said the following:
>>>>     > Good suggestion. Can you draft the message?
>>>>     >
>>>>     > ************
>>>>     > Victor Ndonnang
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