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Mark Elkins mje at posix.co.za
Fri Aug 22 18:41:51 SAST 2014

On Fri, 2014-08-22 at 18:05 +0200, Oarabile Mudongo wrote:
> Dear AfriNIC members
> I have been following lots of discussions ongoing in this group and i
> must admit that my knowledge has been nourished up to this far. I am
> from Botswana in SADC region, an open policy advocate for issues
> regarding internet governance. I think as far as now i have
> appreciated the growth of  Africa in the transformational role
> communications technologies are playing in advancing this prosperous
> continent. 
> Following after an AfriNIC discussion meeting which i fully
> participated at the ICANN50 meeting in London, i have a few questions
> i would like someone to help me understand.

What are your questions? or is that the one that follows?
Can you please be more explicit.

>  As we all know "Africa" is a multilingual continent therefore what
> are the current initiatives/programs run by AfriNIC to help support
> the issue of localization of content to ensure that all stakeholders
> (Governments, Civil Societies etc) have access to information relating
> to Internet Governance or any other related issue?

At the last AFRINIC (rather AIS - African Internet Summit) meeting in
Djibouti, 31 May to 2 June 2014, one of the workshops was "Online
Localised Content Development Training" - by Duksh Koonjoobeharry who is
a staff member of AFRINIC.
This was about the mechanics behind developing localised content - ie
how to put content on the web in local languages.

Then again, one could conclude that many meetings held at an AFRINIC
meeting have an element of "Internet Governance" about them. Join us in
Mauritius at the next meeting in November? The papers that are presented
are usually available on the AFRINIC website afterwards. There are also
explicit sessions on Internet Governance.

When there are other (non-AFRINIC) local meetings, this generally
results in content being put on the web - where the content talks about
localisation. I refer to the South African Gauteng IGF meeting we had a
few weeks ago in Johannesburg. This was a multi-stakeholder meeting
which included representatives from Industry, Government and Civil

>  I am asking this because i am passionate about Software localization
> (been working for almost 3 years now on voluntary projects with WMF
> and Mozilla Foundations) and whiling to help in this area more
> especially in my region.

...Or you could be talking about Translation Programmes?
> Thanks! and looking forward to an open discussion and hearing your
> thoughts.
> Warm Regards!
> -- 
> Oarabile Mudongo
> Mozilla Foundation | Mozilla Rep
> WikimediaFoundation | Community Liaison
> Botswana, Gaborone

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