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Hi all,

I can see from the provided link http://www.afrinic.net/en/community/icann-aswg that there is a lot to read.  
My opinion is that not too much can be done in a face to face meeting in Toronto. Through the list many african  have access to the documents and can contribute.  Let us share the link as we can.

Please help us to concentrate and bring our diverse opinions

Thank you

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Objet : [AfrICANN-discuss] ASWG outputs : Clarifications
Dear All,

As you are taking time to go through the documents that were posted by
the ASWG, I think these clarifications are in order, to contextualize
what we seek to achieve as Africans participants to ICANN

1- The Africa Strategy document was a request by the incoming CEO, who
wanted to have a special strategy for Africa;
2- As per the timeline that has been posted, Africans should deliver
the outlines of the strategy by October and then ICANN will take it
from there to develop the Africa strategy
3-The ICANN Africa strategy has nothing to do with our
national/regional ICT strategies which a few of us have been
African countries develop these last years
4-Thus, your inputs are important for the outlines to be delivered to
ICANN in the specified timeline (end of September/early October)
5-Finally, this is not the end of it , as sessions have been planned
to futher discuss the strategy in Totonto, .and also online.

So, what is requested NOW is that we go through the posted documents,
concentrate on the strategic Objectives, propose your owm priority
list and provide further comments and recommendations if any, to help
cover all Africans' needs in the ICANN Africa Strategy for coming
three years..

I hope this clarifies..

Pierre Dandjinou
Cotonou - 229 90 087784 / 66566610
Dakar 221 77 639 30 41
skype : sagbo1953
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