[AfrICANN-discuss] Internet regulation at national level?

Adamou Nacer adamou.nacer at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 12:45:59 SAST 2012

Hi SM,
Le 31/10/2012 11:21, SM a écrit :
> Hi Adamou,
> At 01:11 31-10-2012, Adamou Nacer wrote:
>> We can also learn from other domains. For example, it is established 
>> that software developped from open contributions and well organized 
>> open communities (bottom-up approach) are of better quality. As 
>> software are considered a "common" (like Internet
> The quality depends on code review. 
And code review is better when there are more reviewer (developers but 
also simple users who send feedbacks). But there is another aspect that 
you are missing: FLOSS software are of better quality too because there 
developed in a way that take into account the real needs of users not 
only the commercial agenda of the editor. And this is an important point.
> I don't think that it is related to "bottom-up approach".  Some people 
> send patches because it is in their interest to do so.  A lot of 
> people use open source software because it is free [1].
This is because of wrong understanding of software cost's structure. 
License fees are not even the most important component of software TCO 
in general. So the software value is increased as its user base is enlarged.

As you can see there are similitudes between the two domains.

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