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Hello Colleagues,

I think it will be very naive to think there is nothing to attack in Africa with the numerous e governmental portals coming up and also as a lot of governmental data centre are been developed, these are systems that can be attacked.  

The fact remains their is still a scramble  for resources in our continent, the recent crisis between South Sudan and Sudan says a lot.  The role of China as an emerging force technologically is their for all to see, 'How the ICANN community engages China come the 46th ICANN Meeting next year will be  interesting as China with Heuwei is playing a key role within Africa network communication Infrastructure  today.  

Am not been paranoid but but Africa can be prone to attack it can be economic sabotage or multi nationals playing at each other etc, the billions Angola are going to pump on the electricity sector means technically  a lot of this new grid  will managed through computer networks, If Dos Santos achieves his aim that grid he plans to set up for all Angolans to have electricity will rely a lot on Computer systems infrastructure that need to be rigid and secured, but we can be prone, the sooner we realise our systems need better protection our cyber laws and initiatives need to conform with International standards like the initiatives taken by Mauritius the better for us all.

My 0.00001% contribution to this interesting topic.



On 22 October 2012 18:33, Dr Eberhard W Lisse <el at lisse.na> wrote:

What is there to attack in Africa?
>On 2012-10-22 17:49 , Claude Essomba wrote:
>> Thanks Pierre ,
>> I really welcome this posted article.  The question that I am
>> asking regarding Africa is as follow : Are we ready to face such
>> attacks ?  Maybe we should like the US , Europe and other to
>> Simulate such attacks at the gov level to understand what could be
>> the impact.
>> Regards
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