[AfrICANN-discuss] Who controls the internet?

SM sm at resistor.net
Fri Oct 19 11:41:46 SAST 2012

Hi Mark,
At 01:18 19-10-2012, Mark Elkins wrote:
>If I look at ZA or more specifically CO.ZA and give reasons why it works
>reasonably well...
>Cost: Currently this is pretty low - around the $6 level. Probably would

I did a quick summary of pricing but I did not post the 
figures.  co.za was the lowest.

>make little difference until the price was above $30. Hosting a fair
>sized website in South Africa is from $100 to $300 a year - so 10% of
>that for a Domain is probably reasonable.

Some of the ccTLDs charge more than USD 100 for registration.

>Accessibility: I think this is the key issue regarding ccTLD's. If its
>easy and quick to register, then people will use it.


>Reliability: CO.ZA Nameservers have never been down. The Registration
>portal has been down - but never long. However, some people measure
>reliability by how well e-mail (etc) work. Most SA ISP's are quite
>reliable, so 'co.za' e-mail addresses work reasonably well (we have our

.za has three nameservers within South Africa.  co.za has at least 
three nameservers within South Africa.  It seems geared to serve the 
local community.  Some application (excluding email) designers set a 
number and work out the optimization from there.  If the DNS side has 
high latency it can be a significant problem.


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