[AfrICANN-discuss] The always entertaining Ms Bekelelelelelele

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Fri Nov 16 09:03:19 SAST 2012


I take this as an admission of guilt by the clueless Engineer,
because he's running out of arguments, knowing I am right.

Never mind that you are also right, it is bad taste, or rather
libel.  Now of course one might think my statements are libelous
too, but since the truth is an affirmative defense, they are not.

Furthermore he seems to he can decide what is for whom, and who can
laud a flagrant break of the rules, as win for Africa, which of
course has the side effect of opening the process up for the
lawyers, in more respect than just the .Africa applications.

What is more offensive is his need to make racist remarks.  It is a
common occurrence when running out of arguments, but having an
inferiority complex.  Sometimes even used tactically, but he's
generally clueless so I doubt it.

Skin color has not played a role here up to now, and as far as I am
aware of, the application he is referring to is from a wide
consortium of Africans, spearheaded by Africans who have the
technical, financial and managerial expertise and track record to do
this in house and not farm it off to a foreign commercial enterprise
with a less than stellar record, but who happen to be pale, and it
is even supported by the AU which was held in high regards by the
opposing bid, until she lost its support and came out guns blazing.

Or could he mean the other bid?  Hmmm, even as a Freudian mistake, I
have never seen her entertain in a hat, never mind a white one.

Finally, as you can attest, I have gone to some lengths to become as
African as I can be, with the one, lone exception, of running a
fully functioning, well managed, ccTLD since almost 22 years and
having connected my country to the Internet singlehandedly on a non
profit basis, without a penny of outside funding, and then giving it
away to the first ISP (for nothing) which I think had something to
do with the success of the ICT industry in my country.

Obviously not acceptable, hence: "Dr Lisse.  Not one of us."

My point is actually another, I have no interest in the .Africa bid.
NONE WHATSOEVER. I have not much interest in the .Africa domain, per
se, either, actually.  I am however, as I stated on the
AFRALO-AfrICANN session in Prague interested in seeing the few bids
submitted succeed, rather than a larger number of unsuccessful ones.


On 2012-11-16 00:56 , Nii Narku Quaynor wrote:
> ....its bad taste addressing someone as Dr.  That, huh
> On Nov 15, 2012, at 23:32, Pierre Lotis NANKEP <lnankep at yahoo.fr
> <mailto:lnankep at yahoo.fr>> wrote:
>> Dr "Nonsense",
>> Be patient ...  ICANN will soon give its verdict.  Stop crying
>> here...  Before the final result.  ".Africa" ​​is for
>> Africans and not for a group of Black Hat HACKER with white Hat.
>> -- Pierre Lotis NANKEP IT Engineer / ANTIC

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