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So to paraphrase the below, you have no expertise, are not involved in the ICANN process and are not interested on the truth.



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> Hello Adiel,
> Thanks for your valuable comments... Even if they arrive late because voting ends in less than 24 hours.
> 1rst set of questions : What is the purpurse [of this poll] ? Who is/is_not entitle to take the poll? How do you control that? 
> I followed with great attention the discussions on this list. And it became very clear that there are differences on identity and authenticity of members.
> Whereas AfrICANN is a completely open list so far, I consider it appropriate to seek the views of members to justify any future proposal of the redesign of this list. Given the context of the debates that are tense, I chose a way of anonymous voting based on conscience and morality of members (ethics).
> Also, notice that a link is established with the IP address of the voter. So you understand that there is no interest for a member to vote multiple times (with his friends, his dog and his cat).
> 1rst remark : ... not to be anonymous ...
> What is the policy implemented by AfriNIC for this to be so? Honestly I do not know. Thank you for sharing this policy with us.
> 2rd remark : ... to be taken only by people who have been on the list and/or active on it over the past minimum 2 years ...
> Is there a predefined procedure or you just make that decision ... Or is it a proposal? In other words, if I understand correctly, you are suggesting that new members take 2 years to observe before intervening?
> 3rd remark : Trying to meet the above 2 points alone will make you quickly realise that the poll by itself is inappropriate to answer the question you are asking …
> It's possible. It is your opinion that I respect. What about the 26 members who took the time to give their views by voting?
> 4th remark : On a more general note, has it happened to any of you who are vehemently questioning the expertise of people ....
> I do not think this remark is addressed to me personally ... But this is not really a bad idea to ask some experts to be humble.
> 2nd set of question : ... ask yourself what is the genesis of this list? What was it purpose and objective?
> This is what i knew about the AfrICANN list : "This list is a common area of discussion for the Internet community in Africa, and more precisely for those involved or willing to be involved in the ICANN processes."
> I do not know if this has changed.
> 3rd question : Who came up with the idea and to achieve what?
> I think the answer is at : https://lists.afrinic.net/pipermail/africann/2007-March/author.html.
> I take this opportunity to congratulate the creators. However, it is not permit to a father or mother to kill or mistreat her baby. If this is the case, family members and neighbors will be forced to rescue the baby.
> 5th remark : I think trying to understand that a lone would have cut 90% of this never-ending loop of the debate that is going on for a while now
> Dear Adiel, I'm not the source of endless and meaningless  debates that take place on this list ... This is also why I suggested the vote.
> Human work is never perfect. Improvement is a continuous and perpetual process.
> Thanks a lot for your valuable comments.
> --
> Pierre Lotis NANKEP
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