[AfrICANN-discuss] Towards mailing list version 2.0

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Thu Dec 6 08:15:31 SAST 2012

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Besides agreeing with me that Ms Bekele has been lying (to this
list) and used a false on line identity (which may attract US
Federal charges) you just proved that you do not understand what
Internet Governance means, or perhaps that you do but don't want to
have it.

Never mind that it is not the mailing list "technique" that is at
fault, but the conduct of the individual concerned.

In any case in practice it would be extremely difficult to implement
because you need to get each and every member not only to use PGP
but also to build PGP credentials, attending PGP events and the

But then you are an IT engineer, so you would have thought this
through.  Well actually, the level of expertise displayed on this
list is shocking as usual.

My emails from the Macs are signed with SSL as a matter of course,
but I haven't had time yet to load the certificate onto the iPhone 5
and iPad mini.  I also don't know how to do this in Blackberry, nor
do I care.  But just for the fun of it this one is also signed with
my PGP key.

You could easily sign your emails with your key C6512919...


On 2012-12-06 07:32 , Pierre Lotis NANKEP wrote:
> Dear all,
> All the discussion about mail header, who is who, who did what, ...
> proved that the mailing list technique is not enough to answer all
> these questions.
> Hence, it is time to upgrade to mailing list version 2.0
> The mailing list version 2.0 = Face-list (subscription with photo) 
> + Security embedded (through digital signature provide with 
> standard as OpenPGP).
> Thus we will need a special client to read / post in the mailing 
> list.  This approach (technical regulation) will certainly improve 
> the Internet Governance
> -- Pierre Lotis NANKEP
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