[AfrICANN-discuss] Towards mailing list version 2.0

Pierre Lotis NANKEP lnankep at yahoo.fr
Thu Dec 6 07:32:53 SAST 2012

Dear all,

All the discussion about mail header, who is who, who did what, ... proved that the mailing list technique is not enough to answer all these questions.

Hence, it is time to upgrade to mailing list version 2.0

The mailing list version 2.0 = Face-list (subscription with photo) + Security embedded (through digital signature provide with standard as OpenPGP).

Thus we will need a special client to read / post in the mailing list.

This approach (technical regulation) will certainly improve the Internet Governance
Pierre Lotis NANKEP
IT Engineer / ANTIC
Web : http://www.antic.cm
Email (Pro) : pierre.nankep at antic.cm
GSM : +237 77 66 10 07
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