[AfrICANN-discuss] ITU to control Internet?

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This is a long story but very short..
Look at how the Internet became a phenomenum.... How did it became a Public Good and now is a stronger  life thing next to AirB-)
The US Govt invested in the Internet. Period. 
There is question about it BUT it needs the whole world to make the Internet be the way it is today. One can not claim a rightful right to the evolution which one benefits from. 
That raises a point for Negotiation not a point to Claim through any channels.
To me, That is what seems to be the universal position in order to respect the rights .
Kind regards

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SM <sm at resistor.net> wrote:

Hi Adamou,
At 01:59 08-08-2012, Adamou Nacer wrote:
>- I have even read an article a few days ago (than to our fellow 
>Mamadou Lo) on the fact that US government can take control of 
>Internet in case of emergency, as if Internet was like the US telephone system.

What is the meaning of "take control of Internet in case of emergency"?

>So now I am asking, how can we reject to China/Russia proposal of 
>putting Internet under the UN's ITU management and break its present 
>governance model while we are not

What is the meaning of "putting Internet under the UN's ITU management"?


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