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Dear all (La version française plus bas),

ICANN's Nominating Committee (NomCom) invites Statements of Interest and
candidate recommendations from the Internet community for key leadership
positions to fulfill ICANN's technical and policy coordination role.
Interested individuals are invited to submit a Statement of Interest to the
2011 NomCom for the following positions:

   - Two members of the Board of Directors of ICANN
   - Three At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) representatives (one each from
   the Africa; Asia/Australia/Pacific; and Latin America/Caribbean regions)
   - Two members of the Council of the Generic Names Supporting Organization
   - One member of the Council of the Country-Code Names Supporting
   Organization (ccNSO)

Note: It is also possible to suggest someone  for one of the positions.

Applications will be considered in confidence and should be received by 4
April 2011 for full consideration. Selections will be announced in early
September 2011. Successful candidates will take up their positions following
ICANN's Annual Meeting in October 2011

For more information please visit    http://nomcom.icann.org/

====  FRANCAIS ================================

Le comité de Nomination de l'ICANN (NOMCOM) lance un appel  à la communauté
pour la soumission  ou la recommandation de candidatures aux  postes de
responsabilités suivantes au sein de l'ICANN:

   -  Deux membres pour le Conseil d'Administration de l'ICANN
   -  Trois membres pour ALAC  (At Large Advisory Committee; un pour
   chacunes des trois régions  Africa; Asia/Australia/Pacifi et Latin
   America/Caribbean )
   -  Deux membres  pour le conseil du GNSO  (GNSO)
   - Un membre pour le conseil du ccNSO (Country-Code Names Supporting
   Organization ) .

Note: Il est aussi possible de suggerer des candidatures pour ces differents

Les candidatures doivent être reçues au plus tard le 04 Avril 2011. Les
candidats retenus seront informés  au début du mois de Septembre 2011. Ils
entreront en fonction à la fin de la réunion de l'ICANN en Octobre 2011.

Plus d'information visiter le site http://nomcom.icann.org/

Yaovi Atohoun
NOMCOM 2011 member

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