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Thanks Adiel,

To keep the conversation going and hoping to push our reflections towards
achieving solutions (as if there was a problem)...

Should we then begin to focus Africa's rapid adoption of IPv6 to a sleuth
of activities around edge devices? Afrinic has done quite some work around
this already, especially at the network level. And this needs to be
further complemented in some way.

Additional stakeholders to carry this further is perhaps required - the
regional economic commissions? Not that this should be a matter of
government uptake but you would agree with me that our continent is unique
in the way we depend on them (governments) for deployments in issues such
as this. If thats the case, what strategy should be employed? And in
addition, how can we take this further to the edge-of-the-edge networks -
not just the CPEs but the equipment at the peripheries themselves?

My concerns are purely founded on the interests that we should be seen to
adopt IPv6 in the continent at the same pace as everywhere else so we are
in the forefront of the benefits that its adoption has to offer. And this
means we need to be doing something differently.


On Thu, February 10, 2011 1:07 pm, Adiel A. Akplogan wrote:
> On 2011-02-03, at 22:29 PM, McTim wrote:
> <snip> ...
>> For instance,
>>> what has been the spend by companies or countries for newer more
>>> compliant
>>> equipment?
>> <snip>...
>> I think that cable modems and other CPE are the place where some cash
>> will need to be spent eventually.
> I 100% agree with you. The deployment has to move now to the edge. Focus
> has
> been put (where it was) in the past years on the core of the Network
> Infrastructures and at some extend on applications compatibility,
> neglecting
> end users connectivity. This, I guess was a pure matter of deployment (and
> disruption mitigation) strategy for many operators. In our region it is
> also
> because anyway EU are connected over exaggerated NATed IP addressing
> design...
> which in fact is a very bad network design habit (that has a very high
> cost).
> - a.

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