[AfrICANN-discuss] AfriNIC embraces Internet challenges in Africa

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On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 1:45 AM, SM <sm at resistor.net> wrote:

> At 21:51 08-02-10, Richard Omolo wrote:
>> @SM, to add an ounce of thought to your lines, may I add that hosting and
>> management of sites 'outside the region' is still pegged to the 'importation
>> culture' we embrace as a 'developing economy'; most of our techies have an
>> invested background owing to 'imported knowledge' and thus the magnetism is
>> telling. It is still the trust problem as put clearly by Adiel [CEO,
>> Afrinic]. I operate from an academic network and believe me even experts
>> still announce on 'imported domains'.
> The Internet is a not a telephone system.

Am almost getting you.

> The economics are different.  What happens when it is "imported" by a
> developing economy?  You can end up with a slanted view of what it is about.


>  As a side note, I have to congratulate the people from a country in the
> region who have understood the opportunities it brings.  They have created a
> new Internet-based economy which has gained worldwide recognition.
> There is, in some ways, a trust problem.  Simple economics might explain
> the "imported domains" announced by experts.  But there may be more to it.
>  organizing IP management within Africas and her neighbourhood. As IP
>> consumers within Africas address space, we must oil this legend initiative
>> and translate our growing infrastructure into robust investment with
>> sustainable overtones.
> If we use IP addresses as consumers, we will always be consumers.

underlined statistics?

>  Is that what we have learned through "imported knowledge"?
> At 22:38 08-02-10, McTim wrote:
>> I have a different perspective on this.  The main issues, to me, are
>> cost and legacy.  For example, I got my hotmail address so long ago
>> that I can't remember when exactly it was (~early to mid 1990's).  I
>> got my gmail address ~2003.  Neither of these cost me anything to use,
>> I have no incentive to switch to a .ug or .ke domain.
> BTW, my initial message was not related to email addresses.  A .ug domain
> costs US$30, a .ke domain costs US$47 (don't quote me on this).  I may also
> have some other considerations if I wanted to use such a domain.  I won't
> get into that as I know very little about web addresses.
> There isn't anything wrong with using a hotmail or gmail address.  You (not
> addressed to McTim) might want to keep the contact details of the Cybercrime
> division of the FBI handy in case you misplace your email address.
>  ARI just posted a link to a news service where the story also
>> appeared.  My complaint was with the editorializing, not the
>> reportage.
> Some people have been accused of being unpatriotic (
> www.computerworld.co.ke/articles/2010/01/26/africa-union-needs-engage-both-itu-and-icann).  In other news,
> www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5837LcDHfE
> Regards,
> -sm
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