[AfrICANN-discuss] AfriNIC embraces Internet challenges in Africa

SM sm at resistor.net
Wed Feb 10 11:45:41 SAST 2010

At 21:51 08-02-10, Richard Omolo wrote:
>@SM, to add an ounce of thought to your lines, may I add that 
>hosting and management of sites 'outside the region' is still pegged 
>to the 'importation culture' we embrace as a 'developing economy'; 
>most of our techies have an invested background owing to 'imported 
>knowledge' and thus the magnetism is telling. It is still the trust 
>problem as put clearly by Adiel [CEO, Afrinic]. I operate from an 
>academic network and believe me even experts still announce on 
>'imported domains'.

The Internet is a not a telephone system.  The economics are 
different.  What happens when it is "imported" by a developing 
economy?  You can end up with a slanted view of what it is about.  As 
a side note, I have to congratulate the people from a country in the 
region who have understood the opportunities it brings.  They have 
created a new Internet-based economy which has gained worldwide recognition.

There is, in some ways, a trust problem.  Simple economics might 
explain the "imported domains" announced by experts.  But there may 
be more to it.

>organizing IP management within Africas and her neighbourhood. As IP 
>consumers within Africas address space, we must oil this legend 
>initiative and translate our growing infrastructure into robust 
>investment with sustainable overtones.

If we use IP addresses as consumers, we will always be consumers.  Is 
that what we have learned through "imported knowledge"?

At 22:38 08-02-10, McTim wrote:
>I have a different perspective on this.  The main issues, to me, are
>cost and legacy.  For example, I got my hotmail address so long ago
>that I can't remember when exactly it was (~early to mid 1990's).  I
>got my gmail address ~2003.  Neither of these cost me anything to use,
>I have no incentive to switch to a .ug or .ke domain.

BTW, my initial message was not related to email addresses.  A .ug 
domain costs US$30, a .ke domain costs US$47 (don't quote me on 
this).  I may also have some other considerations if I wanted to use 
such a domain.  I won't get into that as I know very little about web 

There isn't anything wrong with using a hotmail or gmail 
address.  You (not addressed to McTim) might want to keep the contact 
details of the Cybercrime division of the FBI handy in case you 
misplace your email address.

>ARI just posted a link to a news service where the story also
>appeared.  My complaint was with the editorializing, not the

Some people have been accused of being unpatriotic ( 
).  In other news, www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5837LcDHfE


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