[AfrICANN-discuss] US screening new gTLD applicants against US laws

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Yassin, Fatimata,


Civil servants do what they are instructed to do, yes, but that still
doesn't take away the fact that the current DAG requirement of screening
against US laws is not acceptable - whether or not US civil servants put it
there in the first place.


Our governments still have a chance to express their objections when GAC
engages the ICANN board early next year on the whole new gTLD saga. Whether
or not the ICANN board listens or decides to keep ICANN as a servant to the
US government, we'll have to wait for February 2011.





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Yes, that is Cristal clear !!!  However, we shouldn't give up discussing
these issues with governments as their interests should be ours.  Human
beings are making the policies for the governments and my belief is that the
US government is aware that these discussions are necessary for "One world,
one internet".  Therefore, all countries have their say.

Warmest greetings to all of you,




On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 7:25 AM, Dr Yassin Mshana <ymshana2003 at gmail.com>

Thank you Vika for this posting.


This type of issues will keep coming up - the US representation at ICANN -
GAC is from the Dept of Trade and what we understood then (2004/05) and now
is that they have to defend and protect their Govt interests - after all,
that is what all civil Servants do!!


In that case, this is a wish not a directive - it has been like that and
should remain so...


On ITU seeing this as an opportunity to rescue that situation..? Well, who
constitutes ITU? - the same! International Civil Servants nominated by their
Govts.....this will be a similar game but played on different ground 


As a matter of ICANN Policy, this issue is not discussable - the answer is
written on the wall.


My apologies for sounding harsh but facts are facts.


Seasons Greetings



On 15 December 2010 17:38, Vika Mpisane <vika at zadna.org.za> wrote:

Dear AfrICANN's


Please read Khaled Fattal's honourable submission at
http://forum.icann.org/lists/5gtld-guide/pdfIIMoPfVdQj.pdf and see what an
important and disturbing development the "final" new gTLD Draft Applicant
Guidebook gives us. I must admit that while I was bogged down to the ccNSO
and its council's business in Cartagena, this important matter escaped my


What is Africa's response to the DAG full granting the US government a right
to screen new gTLD applicants against the US (probably more supreme) laws? I
really think we can expect non-US people starting to push for alternative
DNS root seeing the current DNS is US' and US' alone! So if you're not a US
applicant and are from a country the US government considers to be
terrorist, then forget about getting your new gTLD! This is what this
exactly mean,


While I've been usually reserved regarding the ITU advances towards the DNS,
if ICANN continues to be a US govt entity as it is doing right now (even
when ICANN is supposed to move away from this reality through the
Affirmation), then who can blame the ITU or even other "Internet rebels" (or
should we not call them "Internet freedom fighters") who have come up with
alternative DNSes!


I hope subscribers to this list will make their governments aware of this
important matter (I believe some already have done so) and that our
governments and the AU will not disappoint in withstanding the US monopoly
of the currently dominant DNS. It must be fair to expect African governments
to express their position even before the ICANN board meets GAC in February


And I hope we won't hear another view that ICANN needs to first build our
capacity before we can respond to this straight-forward nonsense from the




Vika Mpisane


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