[AfrICANN-discuss] Per Capita, Netherlands Is the World's ccTLD Leader

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Sat May 2 19:58:45 SAST 2009

 Per Capita, Netherlands Is the World's ccTLD
*John Yunker* <http://www.circleid.com/members/2287/>

The Netherlands, a country with just 16 million people, accounts for more
than 3 million ccTLDs.

That's an impressive ratio of people to domains—one ccTLD per 5.3 people—and
it the highest ratio of any country with more than five million residents.

Germany comes in a close second, with a ratio of roughly one ccTLD per 6.5

Granted, many of the owners of these .nl domains are not Dutch. Rather, they
are multinational companies like FedEx <http://www.fedex.nl/> and

But even if you take this into account, the Dutch registry SIDO claims that
the Netherlands still has the highest density of
roughly 28 .NL domains per 1,000 people—a still impressive ratio.

Why is this I wonder?
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