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Dear all,

Here are a couple of suggestions to help move things along.  First, the NTIA Web site indicates that the comments have not been coming in a flood (http://www.ntia.doc.gov/comments/2009/dnstransition/index.html).  Furthermore, anyone (individual or group) can send their comments.

Second, I suggest someone draft a position (for any or all of the Afri* group, and maybe use Nii's suggestions as a starting point) and people can then discuss and finalize that for submission.  Please note that the deadline for the submission of comments is in a few days time, June 8, to be exact (http://www.ntia.doc.gov/press/2009/OIA_ICANNJPA_090427.html).  So Makane Faye's suggestion for a meeting in Addis in July or Sept. might not help here.  You might want to, in formulating your comments, use a format similar to that used by InternetNZ when they submitted their comments on the mid-term review of the JPA (http://www.internetnz.net.nz/issues/submissions/archive/2008/icann-jpa-sub/view).

I hope this helps.


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I, for sure, will have a personal opinion 
expressed publicly
However, we can do some work here on 
AfrICANN list:
o has ICANN MOU relationship with DoC provided 
useful guidance over the years?
o has ICANN successfully accounted to its community 
in open and transparent way throughout its series of MOUs with DoC
o has the Internet remained stable and growing 
during tenure of ICANN services?
o has bottomup multistakeholder processes at 
ICANN been effective?
o has ICANN demonstrated maturity and is able to 
remain accountable to the community?
o continuation of JPA as is or not?
These are some questions that we can answer to make 
an AfrICANN submission simpler. What we have consensus on may become a 
submission. Any takers?

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