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I, for sure, will have a personal opinion expressed publicly

However, we can do some work here on AfrICANN list:

o has ICANN MOU relationship with DoC provided useful guidance over the years?
o has ICANN successfully accounted to its community in open and transparent way throughout its series of MOUs with DoC
o has the Internet remained stable and growing during tenure of ICANN services?
o has bottomup multistakeholder processes at ICANN been effective?
o has ICANN demonstrated maturity and is able to remain accountable to the community?
o continuation of JPA as is or not?

These are some questions that we can answer to make an AfrICANN submission simpler. What we have consensus on may become a submission. Any takers?

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  i am sorry if the word suspect is not nearly good enough!! . i only thought most of those AF* having been participating to ICANN should be in a position to express their views on the JPA!! 

  But as a board member from one of those AF* and an individual, I can only suggest..

  All of this indicate we need further exposure and education on the issues on the one hand, and that our 'professional' and 'political' institutions/associations should also self organize to provide their inputs accordingly, on the other hand.

  good day

  On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 7:08 AM, Douglas Onyango <ondouglas at yahoo.com> wrote:

          From: Abulkhirat Esam <AbulkhiratE at africa-union.org>
          >1.  What I have wrote is totally expressing my own and personal point of view and has no >relation at all with my current position in the AUC.

          Pierre, i hope this is the case for you as well, because coming from an Af board member, 'Suspect' is not nearly good enough.

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