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Eric M.K Osiakwan emko at internetresearch.com.gh
Mon Nov 19 11:52:33 SAST 2007

As a rule of thumb, i think we should excercise decorum on the  
exchanges and we can still express our views without using foul  
language which really does not move us forward.

Back to the issue, i think we have all expressed interested in  
working on a consolidated proposal going forward which means that  
even if not on this list, those who have propsoal must consolidate in  
a mutual way and then get the communities involvement to ensure  
owership and equity.

Please, we as Africans must stop fighting among oursleves, otherwise  
the real enemy advances in laughter...whiles we mark time.

Eric here

On 18 Nov 2007, at 10:20, Njeri Rionge wrote:

> I like this approach. Any suggestions on how best to move forward.
> At this stage I want to take a back seat as this may play on  
> possible conflicts of interests for me.
> Cheers!
> Njeri,
> On 11/18/07 1:14 AM, "Dr Yassin Mshana" <ymshana2003 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear all of us,
>> I, as part of the African community is very concerned about what  
>> this discussion is heading to -  concession and clarity is all is  
>> needed here otherwise a door will be open for a dispute even  
>> before the Dot Africa comes into being.
>> It seems that the debate is now becoming personal at the expense  
>> of the community.
>> I can see from the angle I am looking at this issue that  there is  
>> a danger of diluting the role that the representatives of African  
>> community in this activity. It is obvious that most of the  
>> activities are carried out voluntarily and some of the roles  
>> holders are paid for sponsoring organisations or governments or  
>> their businesses. In that case, stakeholder-ship  may be  
>> polarised  by the perceived benefits. We have to build a  
>> foundation for  transparency and accountability;but this may just  
>> be a dream if there are internal forces that may work against what  
>> needs to be achieved for the benefit of the society or community  
>> whichever case.
>> The Internet phenomenon is changing this world  rapidly more  than  
>> any other evolution or revolution that happened to in the human  
>> history - it  is a technological invention will  benefit  all  
>> concerned - the challenge is to balance profit and the social  
>> responsibility that comes with it........?
>> The saga that is about to emerge about this Dot Africa can be a  
>> recipe for undesirable stumbling block that the community or  
>> Society would not wish to be affected by.
>> That is my observation and a request for a resolution at a pre- 
>> saga stage of this process.
>> Positive representation of the African community is a role not a  
>> choice nor is it a personal action - otherwise a slippery slope is  
>> the reward to which Africans would not like to be pulled or pushed  
>> to.....
>> Cheers
>> Yassin
>> On 17/11/2007, support <support.dotafrica at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Adiel
>>> Your response sounds like political babble, contradictory
>>> and inflammatory.
>>>> 1) AfriNIC has not chosen to make anything public. All mailing
>>>>    has what is called "achieves" which are publicly available
>>> This statement is contradictory. I do not see the
>>> point of obscuring the thread, while all of the email thread
>>> should be transparent.
>>>> for anyone. AfriNIC hosts several mailing lists among which  
>>>> africann at afrinic.net.
>>>>    See: http://www.afrinic.net/mailinglist.htm for details
>>>> 2) I will really advise you to refrain your constant agitation on
>>>>    this list about dotAfrica.
>>> I do not appreciate the petty threat implied by your statement.
>>> The information I have conveyed regarding the .Africa so far on this
>>> list has been informative, providing status updates and my comments
>>> have had consistent positive responses.
>>> It was my understanding that Afrinic was brought in to provide a
>>> democratic and not fascist platform to bully individuals who do not
>>> comply with Afrinic's edict.
>>>> I don't personally see any initiative
>>>>    around ".Africa" which can succeed in margin of the bottom up
>>>>    and transparent approach which are principles that this  
>>>> community
>>>>    is build on.
>>> I am surprised to learn that you have  'this community'  that owns
>>> the AFRICAN continent.  Some of us work to be inclusive and not  
>>> divisive.
>>> It is my opinion that cooperation and not competition is the  
>>> formula required
>>> for success in Africa; based on truth, justice and democracy.
>>> I am part of the African community, if you do not wish to  
>>> cooperate, then all
>>> is fair in love and war, may the best initiative win!
>>> rdgs
>>> s
>>> -----------
>>> thanks.
>>> - a.
>>>> At 15:10 16/11/2007 -0800, Sophia B wrote:
>>>>> Dear Anna Richel, AfriNic
>>>>> Someone brought the posting below to my attention.
>>>>> I believe 'Afrinic' was chose as a platform  for discussions  
>>>>> associated with the creation of the Afri-ICANN group which I  
>>>>> was also instrumental in pushing for the set up when I joined  
>>>>> GNSO/ICANN and we are all benefiting from these discussions.
>>>>> Given the debates we had on dot.africa the past few weeks, I  
>>>>> was not sure why Afrinic has chosen to be selective in  
>>>>> optimizing the information below to be posted on the Internet  
>>>>> rather than post the whole discussion to ensure the various  
>>>>> responses are fairly represented.  It would appear that Afrinic  
>>>>> is opportunistic and exploitative and I give it a reasonable  
>>>>> double that the intention is not that.
>>>>> I would therefore, appreciate if Afrinic would take immediate  
>>>>> steps to make the correction.
>>>>> Kind regards,
>>>>> Sophia
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