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Public Comments Requested on Bylaw Change Proposed by the At-Large
Advisory Committee
7 November 2007

The Board of Directors resolved on 2nd November 2007 to request public
comments on a change to the Bylaws of ICANN requested by the At-Large
Advisory Committee, related to the administration of applications from
organizations that wish to join the At-Large community of Internet end-
users participating in ICANN.

The change would amend the wording of Article IX, S2(4)(i) so that it
would read as follows:

Membership in the At-Large Community
The criteria and standards for the certification of At-Large
Structures within each Geographic Region shall be established by the
Board based on recommendations from the ALAC and shall be stated in
the Memorandum of Understanding between ICANN and the RALO for each
Geographic Region.

The criteria and standards for the certification of At-Large
Structures shall be established in such a way that participation by
individual Internet users who are citizens or residents of countries
within the Geographic Region (as defined in Section 5 of Article VI)
of the RALO will predominate in the operation of each At-Large
Structure within the RALO, while not necessarily excluding additional
participation, compatible with the interests of the individual
Internet users within the region, by others.

Each RALO's Memorandum of Understanding shall also include provisions
designed to allow, to the greatest extent possible, every individual
Internet user who is a citizen of a country within the RALO's
Geographic Region to participate in at least one of the RALO's At-
Large Structures.

To the extent compatible with these objectives, the criteria and
standards should also afford to each RALO the type of structure that
best fits the customs and character of its Geographic Region.

Once the criteria and standards have been established as provided in
this Clause i, the ALAC, with the advice and participation of the RALO
where the applicant is based, shall be responsible for certifying
organizations as meeting the criteria and standards for At-Large
Structure accreditation.

Decisions to certify or decertify an At-Large Structure shall be made
as decided by the ALAC in its Rules of Procedure, save always that any
changes made to the Rules of Procedure in respect of ALS applications
shall be subject to review by the RALOs and by the ICANN Board.

Decisions as to whether to accredit, not to accredit, or disaccredit
an At-Large Structure shall be subject to review according to
procedures established by the Board.

On an ongoing basis, the ALAC may also give advice as to whether a
prospective At-Large Structure meets the applicable criteria and

This amendment is part of a series of other changes that do not impact
the Bylaws of ICANN, which were resolved upon by the ALAC in their
meeting on 10th August 2007. The complete package of changes can be
found here.

ICANN have determined that a 30-day public comment period on the
proposed Bylaw change is appropriate. Those wishing to comment are
suggested to make their comments not later than 2 nd December 2007 at
12:00 EST.

Comments are therefore encouraged; they may be sent by email to
alac-bylaw-comments at icann.org
, and reviewed at http://forum.icann.org/lists/alac-bylaw-comments.

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