[AfrICANN-discuss] Comments on .xxx

Michuki Mwangi michuki at kenic.or.ke
Fri Mar 30 13:07:26 SAST 2007

Adiel A. Akplogan wrote:
> I don't think the cc community need ICANN board to create sTLD and policy
> for it usage. It is purely local issue.

True, my point is that the board can term the application not befitting
to be addressed at the (global arena) by introducing a new TLD but best
addressed the cc level. Hence, if that was the resolution, such an issue
would not be brought to the attention of the board in future.

> The main problem with this TLD is the high level of politics involved which
> in turn raises the issue of the new TLD process. The process need to be
> fixed
> to avoid any ambiguity and allow such case to be dealt with  by the ICANN
> board in an equitable way.

In as much as there will be a ideal process for handling new TLD
applications, touchy or should i say sensitive matters will seemingly
draw similar debate. The question will still lie on if such issues will
be addressed at the global arena or re-delegated to the local internet

Michuki Mwangi

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