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Dr Paulos Nyirenda paulos at
Fri Mar 30 13:01:26 SAST 2007

Just to mention that many cc's would be very concerned about a top-
down approach coming from the Board but would welcome a proposal from 
the community. Regards,  Paulos

On 30 Mar 2007 at 13:04, Michuki Mwangi wrote:

> Dear All,
> Its in my opinion that, since the debate will not receive the full
> support of the global community, why not move the debate to the ccTLD
> level. For instance the board proposes that the xxx be a ccTLD issue not
> a new TLD issue. In this case based on review country by country, then
> it will be upon each cc's to choose to have a sTLD as opposed to
> the global community's and ICANN board to decide on having a .xxx TLD.
> Those countries that approve of a sTLD and are an open registry,
>  they will probably accommodate the adult content web-masters who are
> seeking a formal name space slot.
> This in my opinion will address the issue of the domain at a national
> level and take away the debate from the Global arena - since as varied
> as the world is - the .xxx may not receive the desired global consensus
> for approval.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Michuki Mwangi
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