[RPKI-discuss] Is it possible to check the validity of the AS Path using RPKI ??

Gaurav Kansal gaurav.kansal at nic.in
Wed Dec 26 13:17:32 SAST 2012

Dear Team,


I want to know whether is it possible to check for the validity of the BGP
AS Path in any route using RPKI model.


For eg:


Suppose I have a ROA for and in the ROA I am declaring that
this route will only originates from AS 55824.


Now how will the receiver got to know whether the AS Path for this route is
genuine or not? Because any Upstream ISP can claim that this AS is connected
to him and he will get all the traffic for my route if his AS path is
shorter than mine.


Now, whether this problem can be solved and if yes, then how?




Gaurav Kansal

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