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[rpd] Summary of Proposal AFRINIC Number Resources Transfer Policy AFPUB-2020-GEN-006-DRAFT02

Mark Elkins mje at
Thu Jan 6 12:43:42 UTC 2022

My personal view is to have this proposal pass as soon as possible. It 
can always be then amended a little later. I believe we should have had 
something like this policy in place years ago and would hate to see 
further delays. I've been told that it's going to take a while to 
implement (for reasons I don't fully understand - as it should be an 
extension of the existing transfer policy) - and my hope would be that 
with a few tweaks - things like full reciprocity can be added without 
staff adding another further year.

On 1/6/22 12:02 PM, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ via RPD wrote:
> I must agree with some of the points raised by AK.
> It has been said many times: we can’t have a non-reciprocal policy.
> We are only creating the path for a war with the other RIRs.
> In this region we always complained about other RIRs rules trying to 
> interfere with our own rules, and we are now doing exactly the same?
> How come can we expect that other RIRs will not change their policies 
> to protect their resources, and ensure that their own transfer 
> policies don’t work anymore with AFRINIC, unless AFRINIC turns into a 
> reciprocal system?
> Clearly it is a very wrong decision and will turn against AFRINIC.
> Regards,
> Jordi
> @jordipalet
> El 5/1/22 21:53, "ABDULKARIM OLOYEDE" <oloyede.aa at 
> <mailto:oloyede.aa at>> escribió:
> Dear PDWG,
>  There are a number of issues with this policy that have been raised 
> and I am surprised that only a few were mentioned in this summary.
> I am also surprised that those who were saying reciprocity was an 
> issue with a similar policy are now saying it's no more an issue. I 
> would have gone into the archive but I have better things to do.
> Those who drafted this summary are now assuming the role of authors. 
> If you agree that this policy is not reciprocal but it should be 
> implemented with RIRs that it is reciprocal with then can you tell me 
> why other similar policies are not reaching consensus on this same 
> basis?. This is a very dangerous precedence. now policies can be 
> implemented with a group. what a good laugh we are having here.
> Please what are we doing differently this time? So editorial changes 
> are now allowed by the same set of people who said no changes is 
> allowed a month before the PPM according to the CPM.   Funny enough 
> the same person raising this same issue is one of those who now 
> drafted this so-called summary.
> Which version is the version that you are now claiming is reaching a 
> consensus here. Is it the current version before the PPM  or the 
> version that the authors have agreed to make editorial changes too.  
> What are these editorial changes?  Can you explain them? *I hope I get 
> a response to this.*
> I see nothing different happing now from what we did. Our template is 
> clearly being used by the same set of people who were shouting then. 
> The only difference is that their will is now being implemented.  I 
> knew this was a script all along am not in any way surprised. some 
> people now don't understand what an RIR is. and suddenly we having RIR 
> lessons.
> Let us be clear on this, this policy didn't reach a consensus for the 
> simple fact that it is not reciprocal among other reasons.
> I know that all opposition to this policy would be ignored became all 
> these are just a formality so I won't waste my time too much on this. 
> The decisions were made a long time ago and this is just a drama.  
> Same with the appeals it is now the same circle of people typical way 
> of doing things, therefore, I can clearly predict the future. 
> Unfortunately, the chair of appeals is someone I respect and like so 
> much hence I would never comment on anything she has a hand in no 
> matter the temptation I would never directly or indirectly disrespect her.
> Congratulation to Noah and friends, I was thinking you wait and pass 
> this policy at the next ppm but it seems time is running out of 
> time and it has to be done now.  Fortunately, I only decided to send 
> this mail because  I am not expecting those crazy blackmailing 
> responses from my good friend. He now has a court case to answer too 
> and am sure he would finally get to learn some lessons or maybe I 
> should also consult on how I can press a similar charge.  let me quote 
> from ...."the truth is definitely stronger. Always stay on the path of 
> truth :-) "
> Let me stop here before I get the puppet card.
> AK
> On Wed, 8 Dec 2021, 16:32 PDWG Chair, <vincent at 
> <mailto:vincent at>> wrote:
>     Dear PDWG,
>     The summary of the elements that led to the PDWG Chairs decision
>     for the policy  proposal AFRINIC Number Resources Transfer Policy
>     - Policy Proposal AFPUB-2020-GEN-006-DRAFT02 that was discussed
>     during the AFRINIC-34 Public Policy Meeting is as follows:-
>     Lack of reciprocity with ARIN was raised and addressed by the
>     authors and members of the PDWG, who mentioned that while the
>     proposal is conservative and aims at protecting the resource pool
>     of AFRINIC, AFRINIC can start with the implementation of resource
>     transfers with those RIRs that have confirmed or do not require
>     reciprocity. The authors also clarified that incoming transfers of
>     legacy resources will be covered by the AFRINIC RSA as the
>     recipient will have to become a member.
>     After deliberation, the PDWG Co-chairs announced that having
>     considered the current version of the policy proposal, the
>     deliberations during the current PPM and the editorial changes
>     that the authors have committed to, they have determined that
>     rough consensus has been reached. The updated version of the
>     policy proposal, with ID AFPUB-2020-GEN-006-DRAFT03, was submitted
>     on 22 Nov 2021 and is available at
>     <>. This
>     version of the proposal   will now move to Last Call and the
>     community can further engage in that period.
>     The Last Call starts on 8 December 2021 and will end at 23h59 UTC
>     on 5 January 2022.
>     Regards,
>     Vincent Ngundi & Darwin Da Costa
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