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[rpd] Summary of Proposal AFRINIC Number Resources Transfer Policy AFPUB-2020-GEN-006-DRAFT02

Sylvain Baya abscoco at
Wed Jan 5 23:59:06 UTC 2022

Dear PDWG,

Le mercredi 8 décembre 2021, PDWG Chair <vincent at> a écrit :

> *Dear PDWG, *
> * The  summary of the elements that led to the PDWG Chairs decision for
> the policy  proposal AFRINIC Number Resources Transfer Policy - Policy
> Proposal AFPUB-2020-GEN-006-DRAFT02 that was discussed during the
> AFRINIC-34 Public Policy Meeting is as follows:- Lack of reciprocity with
> ARIN was raised and addressed by the authors and members of the PDWG, who
> mentioned that while the proposal is conservative and aims at protecting
> the resource pool of AFRINIC, AFRINIC can start with the implementation of
> resource transfers with those RIRs that have confirmed or do not require
> reciprocity. The authors also clarified that incoming transfers of legacy
> resources will be covered by the AFRINIC RSA as the recipient will have to
> become a member. *

Thanks for this summary, Chairs.

> * After deliberation, the PDWG Co-chairs announced that having considered
> the current version of the policy proposal, the deliberations during the
> current PPM and the editorial changes that the authors have committed to,
> they have determined that rough consensus has been reached. The updated
> version of the policy proposal, with ID AFPUB-2020-GEN-006-DRAFT03, was
> submitted on 22 Nov 2021 and is available at
> <> . This version of
> the proposal   will now move to Last Call and the community can further
> engage in that period.  *

Thanks for sharing.
...i found it very well and carefully i decided to read it

> * The Last Call starts on 8 December 2021 and will end at 23h59 UTC on 5
> January 2022. *

Please considere my humble and late comments.

1| First, the summary description of the problem is
clear and real.

2| ...i much appreciate the fact that the authors have included all what i
asked, and keeped a protective DPP; when they published earlier version of
their DPP. Precisely ASN and mergers & acquisitions categories. Only IPv6
remains. Next time perhaps :-)

3| The summary description of the solution is too
detailed. No real problem with that approach. Then,
 what should be done, it to move the text at 3.0 to
2.1 titled “Recommendations to the Editor” and
amend it to obtain:
• Insert the text in section 3 below into the CPM;
• Renumber appropriately the sections and subsections for
• Don't forget to check for correct inside references of
sections, like found in section 3.4, second bullet.

4| In the proposal section (3.), please consider to
replace all occurrence of the term “region” by
“service region” for precision; where it is not already

5| section 3.1.2 seems to have a numbering issue. Please separate the two
merged definitions...then
renumber the remaining definitions:
3.1.2 "Scarce resource" are IPv4 Address space and
Autonomous System Numbers.
3.1.3 "AFRINIC pool" means the AFRINIC managed pool of
IPv4 and ASNs, obtained from IANA (allocated and
recovered) or through the ERX (Early registration transfers).

6| i propose a simpler wording for the text in
section 3.3.1. Please see below:

3.3.1 If source and recipient are AFRINIC members, then

allow {"Regional"|"Global"|"Legacy"} for transfer. Mark

"Legacy" transferred as "Global".

7| Note the **3.3** reference, i mentionned in 3|. Please consider the text
as amended below:

3.4 Conditions on resources to be transferred

   - [...]
   - The resource must qualify for the type of transfer requested as
   defined in **3.3**.
   - The resource will be covered by AFRINIC policies after **transferred**
   into the service region's pool.


8| Please consider removing parenthesis, as follow:

3.6 Conditions on the recipient

   - [...]
   - a detailed plan for the use of the transferred resources. In the case
   of ASN, the recipient must meet the criteria for the assignment of ASN.
   - [...]
   - demonstrate a detailed plan for the use of the transferred resources.
   In the case of ASN, the recipient must meet the criteria for the assignment
   of ASN.
   - [...]


Many thanks for considering my late editorial review :'-(


> * Regards, Vincent Ngundi & Darwin Da Costa AFRINIC PDWG CO-CHAIRS *


Best Regards !
baya.sylvain[AT cmNOG DOT cm]|<>
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