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[rpd] IPv4 Inter-RIR Resource Transfers (Comprehensive

Paul Hjul hjul.paul at
Tue Nov 16 09:06:35 UTC 2021

> Regarding the bylaws vs PDP.

> ARIN may be a strange case, but if you look at LACNIC, APNIC and RIPE (as
> you said already), there is no such interference.


The community is always on top of the Board, in terms of responsibility on
> the PDP and resource decisions. Otherwise, consensus, community, etc.,
> etc., will be a pure fiction and the RIR systems will be pure theater!.

> The Board can?t take decisions that harm the membership or organization,
> that?s right, but if those decision come because the bylaws are written in
> a conflictive way with the community or the country legislation is simply
> not understanding what are the resources and what is the community, then:
> a) the bylaws should be amended, b) the organization must be changed to a
> country where the jurisdiction doesn?t create those problems. If this I not
> approached soon, the community has the right to form another RIR that
> either replaces AFRINIC, or set it in a different country. Note that I?m
> *not* for that, but to avoid that, the organization must resolve those
> conflicts.

> Regards,

> Jordi

> @jordipalet

I cannot overstate how strongly I agree with the crux of what you are
saying. Two minor points of disagreement/qualification
(a) The outcome isn't just the the RIR system is pure theatre but rather
that the RIR system becomes what can reasonably be described as a cartel
and RIRs in that mould become a "criminal organization". Note I am not
(lest I find myself with a 4 week ban) alleging that that is the situation
at present but rather that unless we very quickly end some very bad ideas
within the organization that the outcome is inevitable.

(b) I don't see any reason why Mauritius should not be the domicile of an
RIR - certainly compared to Florida (seat of dispute resolution for ARIN)
and Virginia (domicile of ARIN) Uruguay, Queensland - and am strongly of
the view that sentiment around relocating AFRINIC or reconstituting a new
RIR for Africa in a different African state is not to entrench the
community lead process and is wholly nonsensical. People seem far to happy
to take issue with Mauritius's courts and legal system rather than
addressing the problems of Afrinic.

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