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Noah noah at
Thu Sep 23 23:10:53 UTC 2021

Hi PDWG and CoChairs,

I refer you to the attached document send by a representative of the
so-called Number Resource Soceity aka NRS to a good number of resource

Specifically, pay attention to the point related to Inter-RIR transfer

1. Inter transfer policy that will allow one as a member of AFRINIC
to be able to sell their resources to other RIR and to get value of their
money. Policy allows organization who have unused IP4 address space or ASN
to request transfer to a specific qualified recipient in another RIR

Ofcourse the statement in the snip above is total bs.

As you may all remember, the PDWG launched a set of appeals to the AC
sometime last year as a result of the former co-chairs mismanagement of the
PDP process in regards to the draft proposal termed as "Resource Transfer

As you know, a number of members always suspected that the proponents of
that proposal had some ties with the Larus Organisation.

As you will also note, Larus has always been behind the so called purported
hongkong based organisation the *Number Resources Society* which obvious is
not a multistakeholder organisation but rather a loosely coordinated
organisation founded by the Larus to advance a widely known motive of IPv4
leasing as evidenced in the document. This I believe it the reason behind
the current SPAM emails members are receiving with aim of recruiting them
to the NRS.

With the above background, I would like to categorically state to the PDWG
that with TIME, all intentions and motives often come out.

Most importantly, as a PDWG participant, I would like to know if the new
lobbying being done by the NRS.HELP is inline with the PDP.

I would like to know if at all, the PDWG and its PDP is no longer useful
and if resource members will now be determining policies NRS style and not
the internet community through an open bottomup PDP.


PS: The attachment was privately sent by below address.

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