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[rpd] Way forward as we approach AFRINIC-34 Public Policy Meeting.

PDWG Chair dacostadarwin at
Tue Aug 31 05:20:33 UTC 2021

Dear PDWG,

As at 4 August 2021, there are 8 Draft policy proposals under discussion, of which 3 are technical policies and 5 are related to the PDP (Section 3 of the CPM). Four of these 5 proposals expire before the upcoming PPM scheduled for 15-18 Nov 2021, unless they are reviewed.

However, the Policy Development Working Group (PDWG) needs to bear in mind that competing policy proposals will only increase the load on the PDP and defeats the consensus basis well before any discussion happens on the RPD mailing-list and at the Public Policy Meeting (PPM). We are also aware of the Working Group’s calls for clear problem statements that authors could then collaborate and draft solutions to. The PDWG is also divided as to whether the CPM Section 3 needs to be reviewed with the submission of multiple proposals or through one proposal.

Based on the foregoing, preparations for the upcoming Public Policy Meeting which is scheduled for 15-19 November 2021 has to be kickstarted.

In regard to all the proposals aimed at updating AFRINIC’s Policy Development Process , we invite the authors of the 5 proposals[1] to:

Focus and come up with clear problem statements related to Section 3 of the CPM,
To ensure that the problem statements don’t overlap and thus the need for the authors to collaborate,
The problem statements to be shared with the PDWG for inputs and refinements,
Each group of authors to then come up with a draft policy proposal that addresses their respective problem statement,
The PDWG to objectively and constructively discuss the proposals with the aim of improving the text, which should ultimately lead to a better Policy Development Process.

The assessment of the draft policy proposals, excluding the "Board Prerogatives on the PDP", was shared with the PDWG during the AFRINIC-33 PPM. To facilitate the way forward, the assessment has been updated to include the “Board Prerogatives on the PDP”. It is available here: <>
Based on our assessment but subject to the PDWG’s and authors’ collective agreement, we have identified the following problem areas which need to be refined:

Policy Development Process,
PDWG Chairs (eligibility, selection & roles),
Conflict Resolution.

Time is of utmost importance and the following timeline is being proposed. It is however up to the PDWG to align with this proposal or refine the timeline:

To facilitate the way forward, we request that the PDWG shares its views and feedback on this proposal by 02 September 2021 at 23:59 UTC. AFRINIC and the PDWG Chairs remain available to the PDWG and authors for support (webinars for brainstorming, administrative support).

Warm Regards,


[1] - Co-chair Recall <>
Board Prerogatives on the PDP <>
Simple PDP Update for the new Normal - <>
PDP Working Group Guidelines and Procedures - <>
Chairs Election Process - <>
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