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[rpd] Policy Proposal: in-region vs out-of-region use of resources, and restrictions thereon

Arnaud AMELINA amelnaud at
Thu Jul 29 21:13:58 UTC 2021

Le jeu. 29 juil. 2021 à 20:52, Jaco Kroon <jaco at> a écrit :

> Hi Fernando,


> I'm going to snip that on which I don't want/need further clarification,

> please don't think I'm blatantly ignoring that (same to other responders

> who have responded, thank you all), just looking to keep emails short and

> to the point.

> On 2021/07/29 18:04, Fernando Frediani wrote:


> Regarding time I don't think that is the case because as it stands now

> using most resources out of the region *is already forbidden*, therefore

> if one is using it is already not complying to the rules and must stop

> immediately. And even if one understands otherwise and if it is the same

> someone it using ALL resources out of the region it should not be given too

> much time to stop that given what that means to the context.


> I believe that this is rightfully contented, so I'd like to understand on

> what exactly from the CPM / By-laws / RSA you base this statement on?


> I could not find anything when I looked at the CPM (other than the single

> clause I quoted relating to the last /8).


> My understanding is that any by-laws and the RSA, for matters relating to

> resources, should be based firmly in the CPM. So if this is not well

> stated in the CPM, then any such restriction in the by-laws and RSA is

> actually a moot point. I'm not a lawyer, so please take the next statement

> from that context, I suspect most lawyers will disagree with this statement

> because they are trained to think top-down, not bottom-up. From a legal

> framework this is correct, however, from my understanding, there is a

> requirement for the legal entity AFRINIC to comply (within the ambit of the

> law, in this case Mauritian law since that's where the company is founded

> and registered) with the policies laid down by the community by way of the

> CPM. I'm not sure they have leeway to enforce (w.r.t. resources

> specifically) any rules that's not written in policy inside the CPM.


Je ne suis pas tout à fait d'accord avec toi Jaco, les règles fontenusles
dans le CPM complètent celles du Bylaw et du RSA dans leur spécificité
Mais le principe de base contenu dans le RSA est claire les ressources sont
et doivent être destinés aux services dans la région Afrique, sauf
exception accordé par Afrinic, nous avons tous lus et signé ça en tant que
membres-ressource toute autre interprétation est tendancieuse et orientée
vers un intérêt autre que de servir l'Afrique.

Kind Regards,

> Jaco

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