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[rpd] More confusion from Noah

Owen DeLong owen at
Thu Jul 8 23:27:19 UTC 2021

> On Jul 5, 2021, at 03:31 , Murungi Daniel via RPD <rpd at> wrote:


> Dear Paschal,



> I agree with your sentiment (not the sanctimonious bit).


> On the other hand, clearly you missed the ‘for giggles’. Some nations drop nuclear bombs on perceived traitors, our forefathers used arrows, poisons, and public floggings as a deterrent for treachery.


> Now on a serious note - for clarity, AM NOT calling/advocating for violence of any kind (physical or verbal) against any member.


> But burying our heads in the sand and believing the greed and desire to make a quick buck will magically disappear is wishful thinking on anyone’s part. We already have one ‘member' blatantly suing AFRINIC (and by extension the AFRINIC community) yet they are in clear violation of the purpose for which they were allocated number resources.

Like it or not, greed is human nature and the very driver of capitalism. Unless you are arguing for a communist economy (which is a perfectly valid position, IMHO, but not the current reality), then arguing against greed is rather like arguing against the wind. You can shout into it all you like, but it will still blow right past you and in some cases, carry you off in the process.

You are arguing clear violation, yet I wonder how you know so much about the nature of their utilization and/or the “purpose” which they filed in their initial application to AFRINIC.

> It is a privilege for the region that AFRINIC exists in the first place. The number resources managed by AFRINIC are positively changing the lives of engineers on the continent (Kudos to all the members using the number resources to deploy infrastructure and services in the region ). I know a number of people comfortably feeding their families simply because they know how to configure and route an IP address.

The existence of a regional RIR is not, IMHO, a privilege. It is a right. I agree that it is a benefit to have one, but the reality is that there were address registrations and engineers feeding their families on that basis in Africa well before AFRINIC was incorporated. Prior to AFRINIC, address allocation in Africa was handled by three other RIRs… Mostly by ARIN and some by RIPE (mostly northern Africa) and a smidge by APNIC (mostly Indian Ocean and Pacific islands).

> Some amongst us continue to present false narratives on the RPD and twist the CPM language in a bid to prop up their AFRNIC crippling and resource grabbing policies. Is it not each member's responsibility to fight this in order to ensure that the masses within the region actually benefit from the scarce resources allocated to our RIR?

Oh, please do provide details here. Please explain exactly what false narratives you refer to and please point out the discrepancy between such narratives and the actual text of the CPM.

If you feel wrong is being done, then first you must check whether the supposed wrong falls within the literal text of the rules. If it does, then the way to fight it is to change the rules to preclude said wrongs.

Wrong is defined by what is against the rules. If it is not prohibited by the existing policies, then it may be morally wrong, it may be wrong by your personal sense of ethics, but it is not a violation of the rules that govern the organization and the community. If the written rules do not match your sense of ethics or your opinion of the best interests of the region, then you have the power to propose changes to the rules as necessary and should do so.

I do not know if I am one of the people you are accusing above or not. I will point out that in general, I present either references or actual text of the relevant sections of RSA, CPM, or bylaws with my arguments. I encourage anyone who finds fault with any of my statements to argue the merits and present contrary evidence. On rare occasions when I have been wrong, I have admitted it and corrected my arguments accordingly.


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