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[rpd] More confusion from Noah

Noah noah at
Thu Jul 8 07:35:57 UTC 2021

On Thu, 8 Jul 2021, 01:08 Mimi dy, <dym5328 at> wrote:

> Hello all,


> I would like to clarify that the bylaws are a document explicitly drafted

> to serve AFRINIC LTD, which is holding corporate status. It is completely

> irrelevant to resource management.


Without the AFRINIC Bylaws, you don't have resource management.

Section 11.3 talks of public policy meetings open to the community where
proposals for proposals for resource management are discussed etc. This is
where the PDP is borne.

11.3) For the purpose of subsection 11.2 a Public Policy Meeting means a
meeting open to the community wherein proposals for policies for a proper
and responsible usage and Management of Internet number resources are
discussed and agreed within the framework of the Policy Development Process
(PDP) defined by the Regional Internet community and ratified by the Board.

Without the above section in the Bylaws, you don't have a community, you
don't have a PDP and you don't have resource management.

In fact its the provisions 11.2 of the Bylaws that gives the board power to
call a PPM attended by members and the community.

11.2) The Board shall call a Public Policy Meeting at least once a year as
per requirements defined in the Policy Development Process. Public Policy
Meeting may be attended by:

So, you can not therefore claim that the Bylaws are just a document crafted
to serve AFRINIC Ltd.

If the board does not call for the PPM, you don't have policy discussions,
pdwg, co-chairs etc.

If AFRINIC does not provide an RPD mailing list service, you don't have
online mail based policy discussions by the pdwg participants.

The Bylaws come first and the PDP comes second..

To put it differently, the bylaws itself is specific about being the

> "Constitution of AFRINIC" as an entity, i.e. it is not the constitution of

> the community, and certainly not the rulebook of internet resources

> management in Africa.


You are mistaken, go read Bylaws provisions 11.2 and 11.3 which are the
foundation of Internet Number Resources Management.

I hope that helps.....

> Actually, AFRINIC as an RIR assumes the responsibility of resource

> distribution, nonetheless, it cannot stipulate how those numbers shall be

> operated. From the financial perspective, AFRINIC simply is unable to

> afford it. Legally speaking, AFRINIC does not represent a government body,

> nor holding the legitimate power to impose a certain mode of resource

> management. That being said, using the bylaws as a basis is senseless.


There is nothing senseless. What you have is a clear misunderstanding of
what AFRINIC is and how AFRINIC must operate.

This is your shortfall imho.

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