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[rpd] False allegations by Fernando Frediani

Paul Hjul hjul.paul at
Mon Jul 5 09:42:55 UTC 2021



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> Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2021 11:04:20 -0300

> From: Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at>

> To: rpd at

> Subject: Re: [rpd] More confusion from Noah

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> On 04/07/2021 06:32, Paul Hjul wrote:

> > Firstly I'd appreciate it if you didn't mail me personally but rather

> > kept the discussion properly within the group. I note the carbon copy

> > to the group so I would see what is commented without it being sent

> > additionally to my inbox. People who act in good faith are welcome to

> > email me separately if they want to have a more personal discussion

> > but I don't like emails from bad faith actors, crooks or liars.

> What is the propose of this direct and personal attack towards Noah ?

> If we use such words when we dislike other's people points we tend to

> turn this forum in a very bad place.


> I believe calling people crook and liar is not in accordance to multiple

> points AfriNic Code of Conduct mainly I and III and should not be

> tolerated.


> Therefore if this is not repaired by the author I want to call for the

> attention of the Co-Chairs and Staff for this violation of Code of

> Conduct as these situations should not be stimulated or tolerated.


> Regards

> Fernando



I did not call him a crook or a liar. I would only do so after a foundation
to do so is established. I identified him as a bad faith actor, for which
there is a firm foundation both in this thread (his attempt at
intimidation) and generally.

This forum is a very bad place because of the bad faith and unresponded to
attempts to intimidate and belittle which Noah has made a staple of his
engagements with people. One of the means of attempting to intimidate that
people embark on is to drive communication away from the group - as would
occur if I replied to his email to me - it is a tactic and not one that
should be appreciated.
There is a deep tribalistic and xenophobic undertone that comes out in a
lot of the rhetoric - Daniel Murungi's latest post being a fine example and
until we start calling out this pattern as what it is - bad faith arguments
(and those who engage in bad faith are bad faith actors) the reward of
undertaking appeals to such undertone exceeds any shame that the bad faith
actors may feel.

There are three classes I don't like emailing me privately and therefore to
whom the invitation is not extended, Noah belongs in the first class, a bad
faith actor. To accuse me of calling him a crook or a liar is simply
incorrect and in the context represents a false allegation.

Moreover you allegation is both false and it is vexatious. The result is
that the only "repair" that is due is an apology from you - something I
don't anticipate you are capable of doing but I'd appreciate being proven

For what its worth absent a full retraction and apology for the false
vexatious allegation you are equally not afforded the invitation to email
me separately as you are a bad faith actor. I am not in a position to make
any assertion as to whether you are a crook or a liar or are simply exuding
confusion. I trust that neither you nor Noah nor Daniel will try to
threaten, harass or intimidate me but do know I will respond to any such
nonsense appropriately.

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