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Emem William dwizard65 at
Wed Apr 21 05:17:26 UTC 2021

*Dear Appeal Committee,*

Please check the attachment for our appeal.

Thank you!

*Subject : Appeal against the confirmation of consensus declared by the
Policy Liaison Team and the Board on the selection of PDWG Co-chairs*

Dear Appeal Committee,

I am appealing against the confirmation of consensus declared by the
AFRINIC team and the Board on the selection of PDWG Co-chairs, made on the
RPD mailing list, on April 9th and April 11th.



I consider that the actions of the Board of Directors to self-declare
consensus over the PDWG matter in selecting the new co-chairs is done
outside of their scope of power and prerogatives.

*Date of the appeal :* April 19th, 2021

*Date of the decision made by the Policy Liaison Team*

(1) 3rd April 2021

(2) 9th April 2021

*Date of the decision made by the Board of Directors*

11th April 2021

*f) Reference to an announcement of decision which is being appealed*

(1) 26th March 2021, Eligibility criteria imposed by Policy Liaison Team


(2) 9th April 2021, Policy Liaison Team announced consensus is achieved


(3) 11th April 2021, Board Chair declared consensus


*Name and email address of complainant.*

Emem William

dwizard65 at

*Names of complainants.*

1. Olamide Andu (olamideandu at

2. Yusuf Abdurahman Adebisi (adebc007 at

3. Emem Ekpo William (dwizard65 at

4. Sunday Ayuba (sundayayuba8 at

The following appeal addresses the “fake consensus on the selection of the
co-chairs” declaration, which according to the CPM, cannot be done by
anyone else besides the chair. Yes In this situation we agreed that AFRINIC
team should serve as secretariat but this team went ahead to selectively
implement decisions even when there was no consensus. The board’s
interference with the matter signifies that the bottom up process no longer
exists. Therefore, this appeal should serve the Appeal Committee in taking
into account a very important point, which is the fact that the board has
no right in declaring consensus.

Based on the Board’s action of declaring consensus on the selection of the
co-chairs, which is done outside of their prerogatives, it is safe to
conclude that the declaration of consensus is illegal as it is not within
the prescribed power and prerogatives of the Board of Directors. The Board
of Directors should have referred to and comply with the stipulated terms
of the AFRINIC’s constitution and the CPM and ensure that any action that
is taken by the Board of Directors is done consistently and in compliance
with the stipulated terms of the AFRINIC’s Constitution and the CPM, which
was not the case. The declaration of the consensus by the Board of
Directors shows that the Board of Directors have acted above and beyond
their prescribed power and prerogatives.

As for the list of requirements and qualifications imposed by the Policy
Liaison Team, It is vital to note that they were never stipulated under the
CPM. By simply adding on a list of requirement and qualification proves
that the Policy Liaison Team have acted arbitrarily and with blatant
disregard to the terms and procedures which are clearly stipulated under
the CPM.

Based on the above, I urge the Appeal committee to look into this serious
matter and resolve this appeal by standing with what is right.

Thank you!

*Emem William*.
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